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Remember Then: A Very Different Role by Angela M. Staab, MN, ANP/GNP-C

Posted almost 9 years ago by Susan Rinkus Farrell

Clinician Reviews will be asking editorial board members to share memories of their careers as nurse practitioners and physician assistants and what they experienced as the professions developed. We hope some of their anecdotes will entertain you, as well as provide perspective on how far the two professions have come in their more-than-40-year histories.

Our first “Remember Then” participant is Angie Staab, who has been an NP for almost 40 years. She shares some amusing—and at times exasperating—stories of starting one of the first NP programs in the United States, working with doctors who had a “little woman” attitude toward their new colleagues, and how NPs and PAs built their reputations for quality patient care and attention to detail.




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