Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of GAPNA

Zoom Like a Rockstar! - Gulf Coast GAPNA Meeting

Posted 11 months ago by Melissa Lockhart in Meetings

Never in our history of practicing as NP's have we seen sites/types of patient care visits expand and be endorsed by CMS.   Seeing patients via Telehealth via online platforms or meetings conducted via ZOOM including our own Gulf Coast GAPNA Virtual Meetings. We have all been engaged with different types of platforms with new technologies.  As with any new technology we need to get up to speed.  The recent 2020 Virtual GAPNA National Meeting was held and over 450 persons attended and everyone loved the formats and still felt that the interaction was there.  The 2021 Spring Pharmacology GAPNA meeting will also be virtual.  

Check out the Zoom Blog and start Zooming like a rock start!   https://blog.zom.us/?1703