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In New Scam, Callers Tell Seniors They Must Share Medicare, Other Numbers to Get “Donut Hole” Rebate

Posted over 8 years ago by Susan Rinkus Farrell

May 25th, 2010

In a new scam preying upon older adults, callers are contacting seniors, identifying themselves as Medicare employees, and telling beneficiaries that they must tell the caller what their Medicare, Social Security or bank account numbers are in order to receive Part D “donut hole” rebates.

Under the new healthcare reform law, all beneficiaries who fall into the Medicare “donut hole” coverage gap this year will automatically get a $250 rebate. It’s important for seniors to know that Medicare will send them “donut hole” rebate checks automatically, as soon as they fall into the coverage gap. Beneficiaries need to do nothing to get these checks.

Seniors should never share their Medicare Health Insurance Claim Numbers with anyone except their physicians or other Medicare providers, CMS warns. Seniors should be equally careful with their Social Security and bank account numbers.

 “What we’re hearing about scams is really alarming; we’re doing everything we can to address this,” said U.S. Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee, who mentioned the scam while presenting the Public Policy Speech during AGS’ Annual Meeting earlier this month.

Please share this information with other healthcare providers, your patients and their family members.



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