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HOT TOPIC - APN Scope of Practice in the News This Past Week!!! Watch the videos & read the articles.

Posted over 8 years ago by Susan Rinkus Farrell

Several APN scope of practice discussions have recently been in the news. This is a hot topic!!!!

Fox News Interviews (I know it is Fox, but still, this topic is heating up the airwaves, and print)


Dr. Susan Apold, a Nurse Practitioner from NY, dicusses APN scope of practice with AMA president of Massachusetts Chapter! She did an excellent job and illustrated the fact that 18 states have independent practice and further clarified the point about collaborative practice and autonomy.  Watch the map and you see Texas is one of the red states with a severe Primary Care shortage. 



Dee Swanson, Nurse Practitioner & AANP Executive Director, was also recently interviewed.  She did a great job with a poor interview.  Looks like the interviewers had their own agenda but Dee kept her cool and the reporters actually end up with "egg on their face."


This is an interesting recent posting on The Health Care Blog Nurseanomics by  Maggie Mahar.  The article provides a succinct summary of several viewpoints.  


What do you think about these recents airings? 

How do you think this impacts APNs in Texas? 

How do Texas APNs make their voices heard?


RSVP now and join us for the May 13th GCGAPNA Meeting. 

Clinical & legislative updates will be addressed before the presentation.  Tell us what you think.  Tell us what you want to know. 

Get mad.  Get angry. Get involved and do something!

See you at the meeting.


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